MU: Courage and encouragement

Few of us get our career choice right first time. Many of us fall into a career because, at the time, we had no clue about what we wanted to do so we either went for something vaguely appealing or did what was expected of us by parents, our peer group or tutors. Inevitably, there comes a stage in our life when we think, ‘this isn’t right for me’.
If you’re at that stage right now, you’ll know that it takes both courage and encouragement to choose a new path. Whether you’re thinking of changing, enhancing or restarting your career, your MU coach will be both a catalyst and a facilitator to support, challenge and inspire you to make those potentially life-changing choices.

MU: Beyond the possible

Our carefully constructed coaching sessions will enable you to both focus sharply and broaden your mind. The MU trademark ‘no limits’ approach is key: we encourage you to break down barriers, widen your horizons and stretch yourself beyond what you think is possible. You will be challenged. And, who knows, you might just surprise yourself.

Your future. No limits

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“With honesty and directness, Tracy creates an atmosphere of trust in our sessions, this allows me to be very open and honest about how I feel and what I think about any given topic.”

“Tracy is also great at drilling into the crux of the topic, peeling away the layers that may surround ensuring that we get to the discussion that really matters.”

“Tracy pushes hard, encouraging action and commitment.”