Launch Pad

MU: Propelling you skywards

As a school leaver or graduate these are exciting times. The decisions you arrive at in the coming months are among the most important you will ever make. This makes them daunting times, too. You can be overwhelmed with advice and pressured by others until your own vision of your future becomes blurred. Our ‘Launch Pad’ modules are designed to help you regain focus by giving you a clear understanding of who you are and what you want.

MU 1: Building the ‘You’ brand

Your ‘professional DNA’ embodies not only what you’ve done but who you are. All great brands are distinctive, high quality and instantly recognisable. We will help you build your ‘You’ brand by evaluating your skills and knowledge, your strengths and values, your focus and vision. We won’t try to convince you to be what you’re not. At MU, we insist that you are true to yourself and confident of your own worth. Crack that and your ‘You’ brand will sell itself.

MU 2: Making positive choices

Few people take control of their career from day one. More often than not, their decisions are controlled by luck rather than by judgement. Then, a few years down the line, they find their career is following a path that they had never envisaged. Great if it works out. Not so great when they end up feeling disillusioned.
Using our tried and tested career-mapping model, you’ll gain real insights into your strengths and values. You’ll recognise what you’re really good at – your skills and knowledge. And, you’ll learn how to pinpoint realistic opportunities in the market place. In short, you will be armed with the skills you need to make informed choices about your future. And, you’ll be ahead of the game.

MU 3: Impact and image

Typically, an employer will make up their mind about a candidate within the first five minutes. So, it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of your professional image. How you come across in those first crucial moments will be as important as what you say. MU can help transform you from a nervous applicant into a confident prospect.
Five minutes could change your life. So, be brave and aim high.

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