Leadership Unlimited

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

MU: No limits. No nonsense.

Fed up with management speak? Bewildered by impenetrable corporate jargon everyone uses but no one really understands? So are we. Here at MU, I have deliberately fostered a straightforward, plain-speaking approach that cuts through the nonsense and gets to the heart of what makes a purposeful executive and a successful leader. My highly-skilled team of coaches are experts at delivering a comprehensive range of carefully tailored leadership programmes with energy and empathy. We concentrate on building open, supportive relationships that engender trust and give our clients the confidence to take risks, challenge themselves and set positive and achievable goals.

MU: Room to be brave.

Where do you do your best thinking? The chances are it’s not in a dreary hotel meeting room or a bland boardroom. So, why hold a coaching session there? At MU we are proud of our reputation for choosing inspiring locations that free you from the humdrum and stimulate fresh thinking. We put considerable care into making sure we get the dynamic between client, coach and environment just right. We want you to feel safe enough to be brave, relaxed enough to be open and honest with yourself. Our unique approach inspires our clients not only to challenge and stretch themselves during their sessions but to continue to act on their learnings. Surely that is the best testament of all.

Your future. No limits

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“Thanks Tracy – I found yesterday as 2 of the most useful hours of training I’ve had.”

– David Curtis, MD, Women Like Us

“What an inspirational 2 days – I feel empowered, uplifted and capable within myself and my role.”

– Personnel Manager, Tesco

“Challenging and I’ve loved it, thank you!”

“Find Tracy enthused, totally reliable and self-confident in everything she does.”

“Thank you – I feel this going to make a real impact on the business…”

– David Curtis, MD, Women Like Us

“Very pragmatic and with genuine interest in people and how to strive for the best”

– MD Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd

“Practical experience – her advice makes sense in the real world, rather than just theoretical.
She is good at moving sessions along and achieving end result to the brief.”