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“When you are a busy person it can be difficult to make the time to review your situation, Each coaching session left me refreshed and clearer on where I was going. The challenges agreed at each session were small enough steps to feel successful and big enough to make a difference.”
“Thank you for today. You offered brilliant guidance and perceptive comments, . It has given me a new way to think about situations and decisions that I’ve been feeling very stuck with, and this is extremely helpful in itself.”
“I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your course. I now have to put everything into practice and go out and find that perfect job but I now feel I have a direction, whereas before I was lost at sea!”
“Tracy was brilliant at working with the group to create an honest, supportive and inspiring atmosphere. She is also sensitive and focused in dealing with the different needs of the individuals in the group.”
“We all left feeling as though we had made progress, either in terms of concrete plans or in opening up new possibilities and ways of thinking. It is not an exaggeration to call it a lifechanging experience.”
“Find Tracy enthused, totally reliable and self-confident in everything she does.”
“What an inspirational 2 days – I feel empowered, uplifted and capable within myself and my role.”
“With honesty and directness, Tracy creates an atmosphere of trust in our sessions, this allows me to be very open and honest about how I feel and what I think about any given topic. Tracy is also great at drilling into the crux of the topic, peeling away the layers that may surround ensuring that we get to the discussion that really matters. Tracy pushes hard, encouraging action and commitment.”
“Thanks Tracy – I found yesterday as 2 of the most useful hours of training I’ve had – I feel this going to make a real impact on the business.”
“Very pragmatic and with genuine interest on people and how to thrive for the best.”
“Practical experience – her advice makes sense in the real world, rather than just theoretical she is good at moving sessions along and achieving end result to the brief.”
“Tracy is a wonderful coach and brings powerful clarity and tenacity to coaching people to allow them to pop through into that much bigger expanded sense of themselves.”
“Challenging and I’ve loved it, thank you!”

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