MU: Raising your game

You’ve just landed a promotion which makes you feel both excited and apprehensive. You’re about to move away from what you’ve been doing really well, have been known for and built a reputation around and you’re about to venture into unfamiliar territory. You might be concerned about having an impact in your first 100 days, stepping out of a peer group and becoming the boss or leading a much bigger and complex team. Whatever you’re situation, our range of ‘Transition’ programmes will help you adapt and excel.

MU: First 100 days

In the transition from one job to another you want to make the right impression from the start. Your emotions will no doubt range from initial euphoria and relief to moments of self-doubt and nervousness. “Will they like me?”, “How can I get off to a winning start?” “Do they think I’m making a difference?”
Your time is precious in the first 100 days so your MU coach will ensure you use it effectively to secure your early wins.

MU: Mapping your career path

Gone are the days when your career path was set in stone from the minute you set foot in the door to the day you retired. It is more important than ever to take control of your own career progression. You might already be clear about your next role within an organisation but perhaps your superiors need some convincing. Or, maybe you know you are ready for a change but are unsure what the right move might be. This MU module encourages you to take responsibility for your career and gives you practical guidance on how to move upwards or sideways within your organisation. Your MU coach will help you map a career that is right for you. They’ll advise you on networking, relationship management and how to navigate your way internally.

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“I have finally broken through some of the blocks that were stopping me from getting clarity and direction for Elevate, and personally, and frankly it’s liberating!!”

“You have a gift of challenging at the right time and yet I always felt supported, you bring humour and insight when it’s needed and always had my agenda held high. Thank you.”